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Why Recycle? selling scrap metal recycling  

You can earn money whilst actively contributing towards preserving the earths limited resources, it's a win/win scenario!
We all understand that the Earth has a finite amount of resources, in fact fuels such as gas and oil are rapidly running out and we do not have the ability to replace them.

Reduce pollution to the environment, make a difference

In the same way supplies of most of our basic metals are rapidly being depleted. However, unlike fossil fuels, we can at least reclaim large quantities of metal products and recycle them. In fact, recycling is a better option for the planet than producing metals from mining activities. It is better for the landscape and associated flora and fauna, it substantially reduces the need for landfill sites and it uses less water and also reduces pollution to the environment.

Cost Effective Recycling
If you are looking for the most cost effective and environmentally sound recycling option, Newbery Metals have the answer.

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a global scale."
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