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Our Crediton yard will be closing from Friday 19th April 2024.
Please contact either Tiverton (01884 252095) or Exeter (01392 275377) for any enquiries.

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Scrap Metal Dealers
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Metal recycling Newberys
About Newberys

You never realise how
big a difference recycling
makes until you see the
bigger picture.
Find out why we are
so passionate.

About Newbery Metals »
Newbery Metal Recycling
Selling to us

We buy all types & quantities
of scrap metal. It may be from
other scrap metal merchants, building contractors, local
trades and businesses or
members of the public.

Selling to us »
Metal recycling Newberys
Buying from us

All of our metals are sorted,
graded & processed & conform
to recognised international standards - Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)
scrap specifications

Buying from us »
Metal Recycling Newberys
Why Recycle?

It will put money into your bank account! Recycling substantially reduces the need for landfill
sites. It reduces pollution to
the environment & is preserving
the earths finite resources.

Why Recycle / Why us? »
Metal Recycling
Get in touch

Contact Newbery Metals
for all enquiries or visit us at
one of our Depots located
throughout the South-West
of England.

Get in touch »
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Head office: 4 Ashton Road, Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8LN | Telephone. 01392 275 377 | Email us at Newbery Metals Find us on Facebook Newbery Metals recycling
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